In Valkyria Chronicles complex history. Ten years ago, the first game of the series was vyingly called the best tactic of the year and one of the brightest exclusives of the PlayStation 3 . But the continuation did not repeat her success. Focusing on a Japanese audience, Sega released Valkyria Chronicles II on the PSP and made teenagers from the military academy the heroes of the game. The portable format and school subjects were not impressed with the western players, and due to low sales of the second part, the third did not work outside of Japan.

But the series did not fall to the status of a wonder for animeshnikov thanks to the port on the PC and remaster Valkyria Chronicles, which refreshed the memory of fans and attracted a new audience. And, it seems, it was enough to not only make the game multi-platform, but also to return to the serious tone of the narrative.

Those who played Valkyria Chronicles, without any reviews, know what’s what. It is enough to say that the new part is the same first Valkyrie, only with a couple of small innovations and a story about the adventures of a new combat detachment. And those who missed the game (probably considering it unworthy of attention by the “Japanese”) will be drawn in quite quickly.

Valkyria Chronicles is a hybrid of turn-based third-person tactics and action with role-playing elements. In general, in this series a lot of inconsistent (at first glance) genres, styles and themes are successfully mixed, and this is what makes it damn original. The game makes you feel like a strategist, reflecting on how to more efficiently distribute actions between the fighters and achieve the goal, and the soldier, frantically shooting back on the run. The Valkyrie world is full of contrasts, similar to Europe at the beginning of the last century, where technology is bordered by magic, tanks drive the energy of magic crystals, and mysterious Valkyries can crush an entire army alone. The game does not shy away from talking about xenophobia, patriotism, duty and death, but at the same time manages to maintain a positive attitude, diluting the tragic episodes with light romantic and comical scenes.

The tactical map is laconic, but shows all the necessary information: landscape, location and types of troops, lines of sight, action points

The gameplay in diversity is not inferior to the plot. The missions of capturing enemy bases, running to the desired point for speed or defending the area replace each other, and the enemies do not let you get bored: either they will send reinforcements, or they will cause an air strike. For successful military operations, it is also worth considering the features of the terrain. It is convenient to take a firing position on a hill or a sniper tower, you can hide in the grass, bend behind the fortification to take less damage from enemy fire. A separate role is assigned to the forces of the elements. So, the rubbish folded in a narrow street can catch fire, making it impassable for infantry, and shots in a snowy valley lead to an avalanche that sweeps away everyone in its path.

The system could also calculate the effect of the shot. But to aim the sight with your own hands is much more interesting.

Fighters also need to choose wisely. Scouts are easily equipped, but can travel long distances. Attack aircraft are strong and tenacious, but slow. Snipers can “shoot” a target at a distance. Like the grenadiers, a new class armed with grenade launchers. They shoot with a canopy, and for guidance they do not need to see the enemy, it is enough for someone from their associates to transmit the coordinates.

There are spearmen specializing in the destruction of enemy tanks, and engineers who can repair equipment or destroyed barricades and replenish the ammunition of comrades. And there is also a tank and an armored car, with which you can take fighters out of the line of fire. You can also give an order and improve some characteristic of a soldier or achieve another useful effect, whether it is an emergency call of a medic or bombing of an enemy.

It’s easy to figure out a tank by shooting him in a luminous engine. So you need to park carefully!

A wide selection of classes and orders allows you to use a variety of tactics depending on the conditions of the mission and style of play. If you want to – study the area with the help of a scout and destroy the enemy from a safe distance with the help of snipers and grenadiers, you want to – ridicule the enemy with the fire of attack aircraft, driving them past bunkers and turrets on an armored car, or even make the tank the main fighting force … There are many variations, and tactics are always can be changed by asking a fighter from the reserve to come to the base at the beginning of the next turn.

The local battle has no strict requirements for the sequence and number of actions for each fighter, as, for example, in XCOM. In Valkyria Chronicles, one turn gives you several action points that you can spend at your discretion. For points, you can evacuate soldiers from the battlefield and request reinforcements, give orders and deploy your troops. Moreover, one fighter can be given any number of action points, and for each he can go a certain distance and shoot once. But with each new action, he will move less and less, and his cartridges may end.

Previously, a frontal attack was a bad decision: the risk of overshooting is great, but you can easily catch a bullet. Now it works great. The main thing is to shoot first, without waiting for you to be riddled

In Valkyria Chronicles, you do not just command troops, but take control of each of the heroes yourself. After choosing a fighter in tactical mode, the game turns into a third-person action game. One click of a button, and you are no longer the commander bending over the map, but a soldier with arms at the ready running to the attack. It depends on the reaction, and not on tactics, whether you manage to hide around the corner of the house or the barricade before the enemy standing on the alert discharges the clip, or try to aim and shoot in the hope of sending him to the next world first. You can target in different ways by shooting the enemy in the body for more accurate damage or in the head for more powerful. In any case, your soldier can miss, and the enemy can dodge, which will make its own adjustments to tactical plans.

Grenadiers, attack aircraft and other arrows are not afraid of the tank. But another tank or a spearman can pierce his armor

In addition, direct participation in hostilities helps to better penetrate the atmosphere. Running to the salvage canopy under deafening mortar fire and hoping that health and lanes are enough to maneuver is not at all the same as poking a point on the map and getting dry numbers of damage. Moreover, each fighter in the game is not a faceless unit, but a hero with his own character and history.

The role component in Valkyrie is also curious. As in any decent tactics, for completing missions you get experience that you can spend on pumping up fighters of different classes, studying new orders and improving weapons.


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