Reprinting the original trilogy about the adventures of the dragon Spyro was not a big surprise for anyone. The publisher unsuccessfully tried to hide information about it until the official announcement, but rumors about the release of the collection began to go back last year, and all because of the successful sales of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy . The matter remained small: choose the release date of the game and platform. Then make everyone languish in anticipation …

Between the 2016 Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Ratchet & Clank , I definitely want to draw a parallel. But not in everything. The fact is that the creators of the original from Insomniac Games were responsible for the development of Ratchet and Clank , while the remake about Spiro was entrusted to Toys For Bob , the authors of the Skylanders series and a number of other not-so-well-known projects. Did this ultimately affect the quality of the product?

The visual design deserves tons of compliments. It seems the same world with the same characters, but all that … magical! Colorful and bright. First of all, an excellent work with lighting and a color palette catches the eye. In truth, at times everything is so bright that developers still want to blame the excessive “colorfulness” of the picture, but the meticulous work on the details corrects the situation. Every mountain, every building and every item – everything without exception is recreated from scratch on the Unreal Engine.

Looking at your favorite childhood game through the prism of everything new is incomparable pleasure!

Moreover, the elaboration of the environment often goes beyond the scope of the original source. The studio not only drew new textures for everything and everything, but also introduced new decor elements. Thanks to these seemingly small things, the world of the game feels truly magical.

The fauna has also changed markedly. Characters have become more caricatured and “plastic” (some completely changed their appearance), but in this treatment they successfully fit into the surroundings. Spyro, of course, turned out to be more beautiful than everyone. Charismatic, witty – it’s interesting to just watch him; perhaps that was what they originally intended it to be. And he often doesn’t mind chatting, there’s someone with a blessing, because in the first part the dragons were improved and their appearance improved.

It’s a pity that the subtitles were not added to the first part

However, without, let’s say, controversial points, this visual lift was not enough. Classic fans will surely notice that the game … is much less violent. And the fact that there is a well processed sandpaper. So, for example, live snowballs do not melt from the fire, but simply fly off to the side. And the monsters shooting from a machine gun release an incomprehensible pink liquid from the barrel. It is clear that the collection is intended more for children, but still.

New experience

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the release of a remake on the new engine almost never does without major changes in the responsiveness of management. Spyro Reignited Trilogy is played much faster than the original of the late 90’s. But you do not immediately realize this.

On land and in water, Spyro’s increased movement speed is only a plus. But in the air … Honestly, bonus levels with flights were not given to everyone before. Now they have become a real test not for the faint of heart. Missed one goal, or at least for a second hesitated? All start over. Missed time is no longer to catch up. The new test system is almost mocking! “Fly so much time setting a new record” … It’s good that at least the tests for finding objects turned out to be interesting.

The interface and menu have become more convenient and concise. Previously, I had to fly from one place to another in order to get to the third as a result. Now just select, click – and now you are where you need to. The same applies to conservation, especially in the first part. Checkpoints work several times in a row when you pass them. And additional tasks are displayed directly above the heads of the characters. No extra body movements are required from the player. All the best is focused on the main thing – battles and cleaning levels.


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