The projects of the studio Obsidian Entertainment , which almost ten years ago released the legendary Fallout New Vegas , have always been appreciated for the developed world and plot. And if after the release of Fallout 4 , which was already done without Obsidian’s participation, the fans of the series were offered the conditional “New Vegas 2” from the developers of the original, fortunately there would certainly be no limit. But, alas, Bethesda has not announced anything like this. Instead, Tim Kane and Leonard Boyarsky, who were at the forefront of the Fallout series, but who had long lost the right to work on the franchise, offered the world their new project – The Outer Worlds .

According to the trailers, it seemed that this was all the same “folache”, only in space. True, an abundance of humor, shootouts and a “cartoon” visual style a little alarmed a considerable part of the players – but in vain. The Obsidian team not only issued a project that could compete with Fallout 4, but also outperformed the Bethesda creation on all fronts.

Gloomy fun of Alcyone

In the early hours, The Outer Worlds looks and plays like the bastard daughter of Fallout 4 and Fallout New Vegas – the same first-person role-playing shooter in a familiar setting. The plot of the plot is painfully familiar: in the distant future, earthlings actively explore space and colonize new star systems. The ship “Nadezhda” was sent to one of these colonies, Alcyone, with scientists, engineers and cultural figures who were called upon to populate a new planet. Among them is the main character of the game. But by a strange coincidence, the ship does not reach its destination – instead, the ark with passengers immersed in the cryoson drifts in outer space for several decades. The end of their journey comes when a scientist from Alcyone named Phineas Wells finally finds the lost Hope.

Qualification can be chosen at the beginning of the game, but they are all pretty stupid. The first option is the most shameful of all

Qualification can be chosen at the beginning of the game, but they are all pretty stupid. The first option is the most shameful of all

Wells unfreezes the hero and asks him to get a special chemical substance necessary to save the rest of the inhabitants of the ark. The local authorities of Alcyone, the College, are hunting for the scientist, so he cannot cope with the task himself. The scientist drops the main character on the planet in a lifeboat, and she lands right on the head of the smuggler Hawthorne – it is he who must help the hero with the search for the substance. Now the player needs to independently explore the unfamiliar world of Alcyone.

By the way, at the very beginning of the game, you can simply turn in the old man to the authorities for a good reward. The plot will not fundamentally change this, but the story will sparkle with new colors.

Facial animation is simple and does not surprise with photorealism, but thanks to well-written dialogs, it is easy to close your eyes to it. Professor Wells, for example, combines the characters of Rick Sanchez ( Rick and Morty ) and Hubert Farnsworth ( Futurama )

The world of The Outer Worlds is worked out to the smallest detail. Alcion is ruled by corporations that own all the resources on the planet. They keep the inhabitants of the colony in mittens: at the plants – shifts of sixteen hours and a meager salary, for dissent – exile and death. The game world, which in the trailers looked crazy and funny, is actually full of quotes and references to dystopias such as the works of George Orwell. It is not surprising that the main villains in the game were precisely the capitalists: the developers from Obsidian themselves more than once became hostages of publishing corporations and released raw games against their will.

Leonard Boyarsky loves retro, so The Outer Worlds boot screens are so spectacular

Visually, Alcyone is very similar to a hybrid of BioShock Infinite and No Man’s Sky : retro-futurism and vibrant cosmic landscapes are here on every corner. All the worlds of The Outer Worlds are beautiful in their own way: Terra-2 will be remembered for its heavenly views and mountain ranges, and the Monarch will be remembered for its expanses of water covered by a greenish fog. There are several cities on each planet, each with its own system and order. At Edgewater, controlled by the Just Cosmos Corporation, the population suffers from an unknown illness and works for pennies 16 hours a day. And in Byzantium, painfully similar to Colombia from the same Bioshock Infinite, on the contrary, there lives the upper class, which pursues fashion and in every possible way despises the inhabitants of other settlements. True, an active simulation of urban life, as in Oblivion, you should not wait: here all NPCs are firmly glued to their places.

The main plot is pretty fast (you can run the main quest in five to six hours if you are not distracted by other tasks), but you want to start it again and again to see the same story through the eyes of another character. In addition, access to some minor quests disappears when the player makes a choice in the main adventure, so that repeated walkthroughs can not do. And making decisions is not so simple: any of the game conflicts does not have a clearly “bad” or “good” outcome. Very reminiscent of Deus Ex and its philosophy of “no black and white, only gray.”

Do you want easy money? Become a bounty hunter

Evil and greedy corporate executives often cause sympathy, and good and decent freedom fighters – on the contrary, hatred. The latter can secretly grow vegetables on the corpses of deceased hard workers. How to regret such? But you won’t be able to find out such details without conversational skills: the local NPCs are not at all like Fallout 4 blanks. Each one has its own tiny story, which you can’t always get to the bottom of right away.

Celia, the dear assistant to the mayor of the city, buys unnecessary tails of lizards from a neighbor’s boy so that he draws attention to her. You have a chance to become a cupid and make a couple

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

After a couple of hours of passing, the chamber atmosphere of The Outer Worlds changes dramatically. The hero finally gets his ship to travel the galaxy freely, and from that moment on, the structure of the world begins to recall Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords (the latter also from Obsidian). The ship is the real headquarters of the protagonist: your colleagues live here, there is a personal terminal and the artificial intelligence of Hell. You can chat with her mentally or just ask to tell a successful joke.

Ada is one of the most memorable characters in the game. The design does not lag behind Susie from Mass Effect

There are six partners in the game, but only two can be taken with you on adventures. Each has a personal quest, background, skill set and special ability that can be activated during the battle. Companions successfully fit into the world of the game: communicate with passers-by, get into plot dialogs and help with quests. And also add bonuses to the hero for skills and characteristics. For example, taking Ally (the doctor we saw in the trailers) with him, the player will receive a tangible increase in medical skills.

Felix was beaten with a baton by the senior foreman, which is why he lost his job. A player can take a rebel into a team, or he can get rid of such a dangerous shot.

The role system vaguely resembles that of the failed Fallout 3 (Van Buren) from Black Isle. In place of the classic characteristics of the character: the body (that is, strength and dexterity), mind (intelligence and insight) and personality (attractiveness and hardness of mind). They are set at the very beginning, and they cannot be changed. But depending on the chosen qualification, the main character receives a permanent bonus to one of the pumping branches.

There are eighteen available skills in the game, but they are grouped by type of activity: for example, the Stealth group includes stealth, breaking and breaking locks. At the same time, experience points are not spent on individual skills, but directly on the branches: each point invested in the same “Invisibility” will improve all three skills in the branch at once – you cannot choose one. But as soon as you invest in any of the branches 50 experience points, this opportunity will appear. Further skills in the selected branch can be pumped individually – up to 100 points.

Perks in The Outer Worlds rely on every second level. As in Fallout, they give additional advantages to the characteristics of the protagonist. The Lone Wolf increases damage when there are no allies nearby, and the Pack Mule allows you to carry 50 kg more loot.

But, in addition to positive bonuses, the protagonist can also get a permanent negative effect – if, for example, he gets too much damage from wild raptors and he develops a phobia. It will forever reduce the character’s stats. But which ones depends on the specific fear. However, in return for the development of a phobia, the main character will receive an additional point of perks – you can spend it as you like.

There are several ways to complete the game: fight openly, crawl through locations in the stealth, or negotiate with characters through diplomacy. And sticking to the first tactics at The Outer Worlds is surprisingly fun. It doesn’t matter if you took a sledgehammer or a machine gun, each weapon will have its own weight and corresponding recoil. This, in principle, is not expected from the Obsidian game, but the enemies quite plausibly respond to shots and attacks – thanks to reliable animations and a physical model. Simplifies life and shooting mode: it slows down time and allows you to accurately shoot at the extremities of enemies. Hit the head – blinded, in the leg – reduced walking speed.

The arsenal is quite extensive: from simple pistols and rifles to an absurd reducing beam straight from Duke Nukem Forever . The artificial intelligence of opponents of stars from the sky is not enough, but at least in the textures the enemies do not get stuck – and thanks for that. There are surprisingly few bugs in the release version of The Outer Worlds.


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