The first couple of hours at GreedFall it seems that everything will be fine. What finally happens! It’s not for nothing that the French from Spiders have been banging their heads against the wall for so many years trying to create a really good and big role-playing game. They had to learn something after the failure of The Technomancer !

The world of GreedFall is a collection of all possible cliches about the era of the great geographical discoveries, although completely fictitious. The protagonist, Mr. (or Madame) de Sarda, is a diplomat sent to the mysterious island of Tir Fradi, where adventurers from all over the world flock to search for a cure for the deadly malichor disease. Or, in our opinion, the plague. The allusion to colonial America is reinforced by the fact that there are natives on the island (similar, of course, to the Indians) who know how to protect themselves from a terrible infection.

Actually, our goal is to help the new governor of the island, a protege of the Merchants guild and, concurrently, our cousin and childhood friend, settle the conflict with the local population, in which several factions are involved at once. In addition to Aboriginal people and merchants, Nawts (local pirates), mercenaries who just came to “cut the dough”, scientists studying the local flora and fauna, and mysterious sectarians play politics – they don’t understand what they need.

One of the undoubted advantages of the game is the excellent setting of the plot clips. If the facial animation weren’t so clumsy …

When the developers said that the game, except for the works of Dumas (father and son), was inspired by the anime “Princess Mononoke” , they did not lie: the influence of Hayao Miyazaki is felt in the design of the world, the presentation of the plot, and in general in everything.

Elven aborigines worship the forest forces, relying on their help in battle. Throughout the storyline campaign, a characteristic motif extends into the natural world order, and one of the key characters, the daughter of the mistress of the forest people, even outwardly evokes associations with Princess Mononoke herself. On such a rich basis, it would be possible to build an extraordinary and vivid story about the struggle of the New World and the Old – a struggle in which we have a direct role. But, as it usually happens, everything is ruined by human intervention … That is, excuse me, the intervention of developers from Spiders, again constipated a great idea by mediocre execution.

In terms of gameplay, GreedFall resembles all BioWare games at once, but first of all, of course, the Dragon Age series . We go wandering from location to location, chopping monsters in breaks, completing quests, and occasionally talking with our party. In a group with the main character, up to two partners can be simultaneously; with them, in theory, one even needs to build relationships, including romantic ones: there is an opportunity to have an affair with any comrade in arms. True, this has almost no effect on the game, and eroticism in the spirit of The Witcher was not delivered.

This is the main problem of GreedFall: most of the chips here are either “for show”, or does not work as it should. Here is a simple example: on the island, the captain of a ship belonging to the caste of local sailors – navts nailed to the group. In the course of one of the quests, I had to get into their warehouse to mark the boxes with smuggling there.

That’s what stealth looks like here. Three thugs with heavy weapons walk around behind a single guard, and he doesn’t even think about looking back

At first glance, the variability is obvious: you can dress in the form of navts and go inside smartly, you can penetrate stealthily or engage in battle, kill everyone and go in, opening the door with your feet. In theory, the best way is the first: you will complete the task and you will not ruin your relations with the sailors, but, purely from the principle, I chose stealth. According to the logic of things, this should have set the captain against me, but where there – his attitude has not changed one iota. Moreover, by dialogue, he himself had justified the possible murder of fellow soldiers by saying that “they, such bastards, left me on land, and my soul breaks into the sea — if anything, it will be revenge!” And this event did not affect the situation in the city. Well, you get it, right? The game itself unties our hands, and imaginary variation is simply unnecessary: ​​you can choose the easiest option and not sweat it.

By the way, I have not seen roles for a long time, where in order to advance in the plot, you just need to click through all possible remarks in the dialogue. This, I understand, is the variability!

Similar moments in the spirit of “Clementine will remember this” in the GreedFall cart and a little truck. Nominally, we can influence the world, and by helping one of the groups, we risk spoiling relations with the other. But in reality this, as a rule, can be avoided without much effort. It is enough to load the save and find the most painless option. Even on quests with a strict time reference, you can safely be late. Suppose, under the conditions, you need to wait until the local corruption guards come to the merchant to collect tribute. But you cannot fail these instructions after the deadline – the Mordovorot will wait forever when you deign to pile them on for bribe-taking.


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