Despite the departure of the creator of the Gears of War series, Cliff Blezinski of Epic Games , the fourth part , created already by the hands of the newly minted team The Coalition , received good critics’ ratings for a decent script and solid multiplayer. And from the fifth they expected no less … or even more, especially given the promise of the developers to make it the largest release in the series.

Alas, because of the pre-release restrictions, I had to go through the game alone, and not in a co-op for three, but even in such conditions, for eleven hours the thought did not leave me: how the hell is great!

Gears 5 continues the story of Gears of War 4 , where we played for the son of Marcus Phoenix, James, and confronted both Roy (the mutated Locusts, a reptiloid race of humanoids striving to destroy humanity), and the government forces of the Coalition. Then James (JD) and his partner Del were deserters, but in Gears 5 they returned to this Coalition, fulfilling the orders of the leadership and adventurous plans of engineer Beard. True, this time the team was replenished: the indispensable robot assistant Jack in every possible way helps our heroes, and later the arrogant fighter Faz Shutani joins them.

It is this company that will (once again) save the world from Roy, which managed to grow in earnest and, as always, poses a huge threat to humanity. Heroes will pass through fire and water, extracting technologies for the most powerful orbital weapons and simultaneously fighting crowds of monsters. One will have to flee from a huge horde of gigantic fears with guns and rockets in their hands, then the Coalition robots will fall under the influence of Roy, the orbital laser will begin to weird, and the main character Kate, who also came from the fourth part, will also be tormented by visions with her late mother.

The story, as before, does not have enough stars from the sky, but the way it is presented changes the situation radically: I would call the production the main advantage of the Gears 5 story campaign. Not a script or characters, but cinematic and well-directed action scenes – and not only those that are shown in the plot clips, but also “live” ones that happen right during the battle. Here we rush in a truck through a city crumbling before our eyes, shooting hordes of monsters, and here we cross the desert in the midst of a storm, trying not to get caught in lightning or in a tornado. There are so many explosions, shots and special effects that your eyes run wide – every now and then I want to poke a finger at something and shout to my partner: “Saw, saw ?!”, so I can imagine how much more fun the game will be in the co-op.

Three characters are available to you in the campaign: the main one, without which the game cannot be started (JD or Kate), the secondary one (Affairs) and the robot assistant Jack. The gameplay has common features among all representatives of homo sapiens: you go ahead, complete tasks, defeat Roy’s fighters in unequal battles. But the role of the robot is completely different – Jack performs support functions, so that he can hack into terminals, make allies invisible, stun opponents or even take them under control.

All these skills gradually open up in the course of the plot. I played alone, so the bot could be controlled with the help of commands: bring this, hack this and so on. All skills also had to be squeezed and switched by himself. And, frankly, sometimes it is painfully inconvenient – especially in the middle of a fight, where one second decides whether I will survive or not. In a cooperative (unless, of course, communication is well established) this should work much easier.

It is a pity that it was not possible to drive inside this titanium. Although the scenes with him are one of the coolest!

The basis of the battle of Gears of War has remained unchanged: at least half of the clip goes to one locust enemy; if you want to spend less ammo – risk your life while you aim at critical places. Well, either look for a weapon more powerful than a classic submachine gun.

Armament, in general, remained almost the same as in the previous part. There is a shotgun for two shots: one leaves when you press a button, the other when you release this button. There is a Dropshot grenade launcher, the shells of which fly through the air, and then stick into the ground and explode. Well, for lovers of weapons, they prepared a few more heavy guns that need to be cooled after overheating. Cryopushka is one of these: with its help you can turn the enemy into an ice and simply break it by hitting an ice sculpture.

The only thing that infuriated me was the usual reloading system for the series, coupled with switching Jack’s skills. The scheme has always been this: to quickly recharge, you need to press the recharge button again in time; and if you get into timing, the gun will receive an increased rate of fire or another useful buff for a while. But if you miss, the weapon will jam – and the reload will drag on for a few more seconds. It used to be easier to deal with, but now Jack’s skills management has been added to the process, and it became absolutely impossible to control everything right away.

The interface is partly to blame for this: the icons of the selected skills are in the upper left corner of the screen, the reload indicator, which shows when you need to press the button again, is in the right. It turns out that you must simultaneously monitor both zones, scroll through the inconvenient (at least on a PC) menu of robot skills back and forth and try to press the reload button in time …

How difficult it is when you are in the center of a complete bacchanalia, shells fly at you, some krakozyabry attack the heroine from the air, and her cannon wedges while you panic simultaneously press the skill and reload buttons! Eyes at such moments just run up the screen – and you can not imagine how many times it cost me my life.


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