Borderlands 3 is a huge game. Gearbox didn’t lie, the content is really the sea: for the first time, different planets with unique flora and fauna appeared in the series, a ton of new archetypes of weapons and ways to use them, and the story is no longer limited to finding storage, as before. It took me about thirty hours to complete the plot alone (plus or minus side quests; you must not lower the level either).

Finally, having opened all the storages, I declare: the new “board” is still Borderlands. Old and still the same kind, with all the pros and cons traditional for the series.

The plot of Borderlands (more precisely, mythology and setting) is one of the main reasons that franchise fans love her so much. For two license plates and two spinoffs, he managed to spin so much that loyal fans would happily kill dozens of hours in search of audio diaries and notes just to learn more about the characters. In this regard, Borderlands 3 perfectly continues the saga: the developers paid equal attention to the fan service, and the stories of the characters, and the details of the universe itself. There are still so many jokes, there are even more references and Easter eggs. Yes, the story begins slowly, as if reluctantly, but it is gaining momentum quite quickly, and to exit the cycle “well, another quest. and sleep ”it becomes very difficult.

And what just do not run into the wasteland! By the end of the game, the seeker’s track record will include a duel with a swamp witch, a skirmish with a barista robot, participation in a TV show for raiders, a car chase for a giant tank, similar to the love fruit of Mad Max and Twisted Metal , and a dozen more epic (and funny) adventures. The closer to the final, the more surprised that the developers were able to keep all these scenes a secret.

The Calypso twins are far from the charisma of Handsome Jack, even if they brought more rustle in the galaxy. It is evident that Gearbox wanted to repeat the success of the ex-president of Hyperion, but, alas, this bastard is difficult to find a replacement

But at the same time, the plot and, perhaps, the weakest side of Borderlands 3. This is absolutely to blame for idiotic moments (especially in cutscenes), where the villains get to sleep on minor characters, and the player is very tactfully behind the scenes – neither help nor intervene. It doesn’t give a damn that in the story you are standing five meters from them and, say, piloting a fur with coaxial machine guns. I have a similar way to thicken the drama did not cause emotions, but only a bunch of questions; Pre-Sequel had fewer problems with this. And the sequence of events itself turned out … let’s say, predictable. You fly to a planet where the cult of the Children of the Vault, of course, has long reached, helping the allies of the corporation (this time, Atlas and Jacobs) to cope with the attack, collecting fragments of the key to the vault, killing the monster inside, a dramatic cutscene – and fly yourself further.

Collecting collectibles and assignments from the Vault 3 crew not only reveal the universe deeper, but are often served magically. The piece of iron, for example, is tired of being the last representative of its model – you need to go around the galaxy in order to find the missing parts and collect his girlfriend!p

In moments of rest from the destruction of bandits, robots and carnivorous animals, we find ourselves in a hub – the Vault-3 spaceship. The find is not new: in the previous parts there was always some kind of town where you can wander without holding your finger on the trigger, but “Vault-3” turned out to be … emotional. Like, for example, Normandy from Mass Effect . Familiar characters constantly chatting with each other about this, share their thoughts with the player. Here you can shoot at the shooting range, customize the equipment, play slot machines, and decorate your own cabin. Well, of course, a good purchase before the next sortie to an alien planet.

The flight to another system is impressive. And don’t ask why the ship is driven by a pink bear with the voice of a black guy from the Bronx

There are four of them this time: Pandora, Prometheus, Athena and Eden-6. Each one is good in its own way: if Pandora was surrounded entirely by scorched steppes and gangster dens, then Eden-6 was covered with stuffy forests and swamps, where the Jacobs headquarters settled: the initial capital was built up by the family just to harvest the tree (and now insists gunpowder in whiskey barrels).

The planets differ from each other for the most part only visually – the gameplay is almost the same everywhere. Wherever you go hard, there will certainly be spacious locations for pokatushek in transport and close, linear, smaller areas – for battles for two. Variety is again brought about by specific production scenes: from one planet we will go to an asteroid and, as in Pre-Sequel, we will fight in low gravity, and on the other we will participate in a breathtaking escape in an armored jeep.

This time, the references are not limited to reverence for other popular games and memes of varying degrees of mossiness. The cameo of the legendary illusionists Penn and Teller surprisingly successfully fits right into the main plot

In general, in Borderlands 3, research plays no less role than mindless firing into everything that moves. This is facilitated by the plot: with each new storage you get unique abilities. For example, the ability to destroy Eridium crystals or translate the letters of an ancient civilization, which built storage facilities thousands of years ago. It reminded me a lot of the Ratchet and Clank series : you find some gadget according to the plot, and it reveals secrets at previous levels. I love this approach to level design.

But, unfortunately, he is far from good everywhere. Some locations and production situations seem rather strange and completely ill-conceived, especially when it comes to “car” tasks. The tank chase that I mentioned looks (at first) insanely spectacular, but it doesn’t play at all. Stupidly chasing him in a circle, you are confronted by a half psycho on wheelbarrows, and … that’s all. Just shell the illuminated gas tanks and open a passage for yourself. But if they had added more enemies in cars, the sensations would have been completely different …

And how cool this scene could have turned out … Well, it’s good that at least the artists got really good

Where level design and narrative let us down, the good old action saves the situation. By tradition, at the start, you can choose one of four characters: the cybernetic hunter Z4LP, the gunner Mose, the siren Amaru, or the hired killer Zane. And thanks to the competently supplemented pumping system, the gameplay for each one is really different. In addition to the active skill, Z4LP has a manual pet; Mose pilots the combat fur, whose cannons can be customized (and even hook an additional turret on his back to roll his comrades); Zane, having sacrificed a grenade, can use two abilities at once, but Amara can choose a chakra (that is, a type of elemental damage) that changes the properties of her skills.

By the way, in the PC version of Borderlands 3 there is a fully functional photo mode. Given the number of explosions per square meter of wasteland, I want to take screenshots constantly

In terms of weapons, everything turned out even better than I could have expected. If earlier “plastic” guns were the main problem of the series, then here you do not feel this drawback in principle. You can find fault, but I do not want to at all for two reasons: variety and chic detail. The loot generating algorithm has become even more complicated – now the game has much more archetypes of weapons and spare parts tied to the manufacturer. From the coolest “Jacobs” lever carbines, the “Malivan” beam cannons and the deliberately “down-to-earth” Dal barrels to the double six-barrel with a drum magazine from the Vlads, there’s a lot of variations. Moreover, all this beauty not only pleases the eye, but also affects the gameplay: considering alternative shooting modes (like you, for example, a sniper with an under-barrel shotgun?), The selection of weapons for a particular build is really important.


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